website 24hr Monitoring Alarm Services For Complete Peace Of Mind

24hr Monitoring Alarm Services For Complete Peace Of Mind

Have any of your elderly parents or relatives had a fall or injured themselves in their home or garden recently?

If you answered ‘yes’, was there help available immediately? Hopefully, that's a ‘yes’ too, but will there always be help available? With a 24hr monitoring alarm service, you and your loved ones get 24/7 help and complete peace of mind.

With a Helpline personal alarm, your elderly parent or loved one can get instant help whenever they need it, 24 hours a day. With a fully-operated response centre, it gives you the complete peace of mind you need, with the reassurance that help is available immediately, however urgent and whatever the issue is.

Help at the touch of a button

Each personal alarm comes as either an elegant pendant-style necklace or stylish wristband, and by wearing either, your loved one has access to a response team through a 24hr monitoring alarm system. With crucial contact details already pre-programmed into the system, the team know exactly who’s calling, where they live, and which family member, carer, or family doctor to contact.

Whether the user has experienced a fall previously or if they're frail, infirm or have more serious mental or physical health issues, or even if they’re leading a healthy, active lifestyle and value their independence, falls in the home can never be predicted.

That’s why a 24hr monitoring alarm service and personal alarm from is the first choice. A system that gives friends and family the peace of mind they want, as loved ones getting the help they need at the push of a button, whenever they need it.

Helpline 24hr monitoring alarm services

So how does the Helpline 24hr monitoring alarm service actually work? Set-up is simple and Helpline will take care of the technical side of things, so you don’t need to worry about anything. We hope the user won’t need our help very often, but when we’re needed, the system really is easy to use.

As we mentioned, when the personal alarm is activated, there are no phone numbers to remember and no need to dial anyone to get the help needed. The user just presses the button on the pendant or wristband for instant connection to a 24/7 Helpline responder. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process:

  • Step 1: Whenever help or assistance is needed at any time of the day or night, the user presses the button on the pendant or wristband. The 24hr monitoring alarm service will recognise the button has been pressed and will connect the user to one of our Helpline response team.
  • Step 2: One of our specially trained Helpline operators will be able to talk to the user through the two-way base unit to find out exactly what has happened. They’ll also tell the user that help is on the way, and will stay on the line to give comfort and reassurance in the next few minutes as they wait. 
  • Step 3: Our Helpline operator will also contact you as a family member, a relative or carer immediately to notify you so you can be with your loved one straight away. We’ll also call the emergency services if they’re required who will respond as quickly as possible.

Your loved ones can take full advantage of the Helpline 24hr monitoring alarm service from just 66p per day. And by calling 03458 247999 or visiting, we can book a demonstration of the system for you with one of our specialist advisers to help you choose the best system and plan. 

By going through the entire process and actually showing you how it works, you’ll get a greater sense of how vital the service can be, and just how it can give everyone that peace of mind. But we can also go one step further, enhancing our alarm service service with your own secure key safe.

Key safe security

Fully approved by the Police, the key safe is an obvious answer to storing keys safely and securely, allowing easy access for family or emergency services when they’re needed. Designed to store property or premises keys inside, accessed by a keypad, only the customer and Helpline know the secure pincode to open the key safe, and we only give this out to the emergency services to get inside and give the help needed. 

Every key safe from Helpline is rust and water resistant, and their zinc alloy construction means they’re resistant to vandalism as well, so once installed, they’re low maintenance. With a slimline design, the key safe can go largely unnoticed from day to day, and with no batteries or mains wiring required, you can rely on it 100% if keys are needed in any emergency. 

Many Helpline customers have assigned key holders who can be contacted immediately in the event of a fall or other emergency. But occasionally, those key holders may be unavailable or the user may not have a key holder at all. In all these scenarios, the key safe is invaluable.

With easy access to any keys inside, the key safe can make sure we get any emergency services into  the property in the fastest possible time. In emergencies, every second counts, so fast and easy access could save precious time. It also prevents potential damage to the property if it was deemed necessary to force entry to provide the medical help required.

Get help quicker

If your elderly parent or other relative lives alone, there’s a possibility they may have a daily carer who visits them instead of a live-in carer. Or maybe they don’t have a carer at all. By having a Helpline personal alarm system, in the event of a slip or fall, they’ll be able to get help as quickly as possible, giving you the peace of mind you need. 

For more information about our 24hr monitoring alarm service, personal alarms, and key safes, or to arrange of visit from the Helpline team, contact us or call today on 03458 247999.