Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will the alarm interfere with my pacemaker?

No, the alarm transmits on a dedicated emergency frequency and will not affect a  pacemaker or indwelling defibrillator.

  • What if you can’t hear me?

Our Response Centre will know that it is you and will contact your key holders to check how you are, in the absence of keyholders, we would arrange a visit by the police in the first instance.

  • Can I have an alarm if I am hard of hearing?

We will know from your medical notes that you are hearing impaired, we will be able to hear you, so you can tell us what the problem is and we will respond appropriately.

  • My speech is impaired. Will you understand me?

Because the Emergency Response Center have your details, they will know and understand your speech issues, also, we encourage you to get in touch monthly 

  • I have no power in my hands, will I be able to press the button?

Few customers have difficulty in pressing the button due to rheumatoid arthritis, or other joint condition. Helpline can provide an ‘easy press adaptor’ which enables the button to be activated using minimal power. 


  • English is not my mother’s first language, can she have an alarm?

Yes she can! We can agree one or two words that she can use which we will recognise as a genuine need for assistance.

  • What if I don’t have any key holders?

Helpline encourage customers to have a key safe, the key safes that we provide are police approved, so tamper-proof. Our Emergency response Centre will give the key safe code to the emergency services so that they can gain access to your property without the need for a forced entry. 

  • Which is the best personal alarm?

Helpline will discuss your particular needs and work out with you which is the best for you, bearing in mind your priorities, lifestyle, medical condition and telephony.


  • There is more than one of us in the house needing an alarm, can you help?

Helpline can provide additional buttons which can be linked to a single base unit, the charges for extra buttons are very modest, it pays to have a button each.

  • I have a small telephone system, can I have an alarm?

Yes you can, telephone systems vary, but customers who still run businesses and have telephone systems can be accommodated, our technical team will work with you to facilitate connectivity.

  • I don’t have a landline, can I have a personal alarm?

Yes you can, Helpline have digital and GPS solutions available for those without landlines.

  • How will the change to digital lines affect my alarm?

Helpline have been working for some time to ensure that the digital switchover will not cause customers any difficulties. Our tech team are monitoring the switchover plans and our equipment is digitally enabled. 


  • Can I wear my alarm button in the bath?

The Helpline button that you wear is waterproof, but not designed to be immersed in water for long periods of time. We advise that you wear the button as you get into the bath, then if it reaches the water, put it on the side of the bath while you have a soak, put it on again before you get out, because it is the getting in and out that is the risky part of bathing.

  • How will you hear me if I’m in the garden?

The audio on the Helpline units is very good, but if you are out in the garden we may not hear you, we will, however, know it is you, and contact your key holders in the first instance to pop round and check on you. In the absence of keyholders, we would arrange a visit by the emergency services.

  • What if I lose my button?

If you lose your button, contact the Helpline Customer Support Team (the number is clearly displayed on a sticker on your alarm base unit) they will arrange for a new button to be sent to you immediately.

  • What happens in a power cut?

All analogue Helpline equipment is supplied with battery backup, this will mean you are protected for up to 48 hours in the event of a power cut. Also, the equipment will send a silent message to us so we will be aware of your power outage, and will monitor the situation to protect you properly.

  • How soon can you visit to install an alarm?

In normal circumstances we will visit to install the alarm within a day or two. Sometimes we will send the alarm in the post for self-installation if that is appropriate, but our usual standard of service is to visit, complete necessary paperwork, install, train and test the alarm, we ensure customers are completely comfortable and competent with the Helpline alarm equipment before we leave.