I recommend it to anybody. It’s brilliant, it’s saved my life 3 times. If it wasn’t for that button, I don’t think I would be here.
-Mrs M, Bristol


I am so pleased to know that my husband has the support from Helpline. I can relax and go out for a while, knowing that there's someone there on the other end of the line should he need help.
Mrs B, Buxton


When I succumbed to very bad and frightening nose bleeds, I pressed my button and in a very short space of time the paramedics and ambulance were with me. This really is a great comfort, to know that Helpline is there. I couldn’t do without them.
Mrs W, Exeter


All the support team are so helpful, it means a lot to this ‘golden oldie’.
Mrs C, Knutsford


The Five Star Helpline family has certainly lived up to their name for me. There have been several times I’ve had to press my button for help, and it has always been at night when it is more scary. But the team has promptly come to my aid. I would like to thank you all for your help.
Mrs H, Bath

I would like to say how very much more secure I feel knowing that there is someone at Helpline to whom I can speak if needed. I also know my family, who are scattered around the UK, have peace of mind knowing I have this service. I think it is also helpful to friends and neighbours.
Mr B, Rochester

My wife and I cannot praise Helpline enough. The service they provide is first class. When my wife was taken ill and we called them as instructed, their response was immediate and an ambulance arrived in a few minutes. We would recommend Helpline to anyone.
Mr W, Birmingham

I cannot thank you enough for the prompt action taken when I had a medical emergency. Your operator kept me calm as we waited for the ambulance to arrive. “Help at the press of a button” Never a truer word, it takes a lot of worry out of living alone to know help is at hand 24/7. I would recommend it to anyone.
Mr H, Southport

I thought of my button and put my hand down my neck and it was there. The thought that it might help me was my only hope. I pressed the button and immediately the voice came and told me not to worry – it was one of the best moments of my life! .... I never ever move without my button, it is just so important and a real life saver.
Mrs C, Gloucester

A few lines to say how satisfied I am with your service. I was taken ill …I couldn’t reach my telephone, but having your pendant I was just a button push away from help. When carrying out tests I find your staff very pleasant. I have recommended you to people I know. Thanking you…
Mr RB, Honiton

…..That the member of your staff came to sort out the matter on a Saturday afternoon was a very pleasant surprise in this day and age! She swiftly sorted the matter out and was altogether courteous and helpful and unhurried. My Thanks
Mrs JS, Bristol

I am writing to say a big thank you for your very quick response when I pressed my red button. I was taken very poorly and taken into intensive care, if it had not been for your very quick response I would not be writing this letter. I think any elderly person as I am should invest in one. I shall ever be grateful.
Mrs DP, Bournemouth

When I was introduced to Helpline I had no qualms about becoming a contributor. I registered – had all the encouragement and details, kept in touch and thank God I’ve only had to enlist their use once, but God were they quick. In no time the paramedics were at the door for my husband and one of my contacts was alerted. I would recommend anyone to use this service, for efficiency, reliability, speed and love
Mr & Mrs P, Luton

……Suddenly I remembered my Helpline button which I wear around my neck day and night, and pressed it. Immediately the reassurance of a friendly voice ‘what’s the problem Mrs H…….- how can I help?’ I explained and he said he would send an ambulance. The relief at knowing my problem and distress would soon be tackled lifted my spirits. I can only thank Helpline so much for being available at a time when I couldn’t reach a phone or help myself
Mrs JH, Bere Ferrers

To all of you like me, getting on a bit, (I’ll be 88 in December) it’s good to know you have help when needed. I heard about Helpline & got in touch, they supplied me with a device fitted to my phone. Also, a panic button is worn around my neck. If I need help in the house or garden, if I fall or am being attacked I just press this button and know that help will come quickly.
Mr HS, Brighton

I felt I had to write to you regarding Helpline and what it means to me. I feel so secure and safe having the button to press at any time day or night
Mrs MF, Godalming