The Process

Personal fall and panic button alarms for the elderly and those at risk

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Our process is simple and reassuring, from installation through to our ongoing five-star personal alarm service.

It is important to pick the right service for you.

Everyone is different. Our specialist team will talk to you about your particular needs and guide you in your choice of equipment and service.

Choose between delivery or installation

We can send your equipment to your home specially prepared and ready for you to plug in. We are always available to talk you through the process, but we also offer to do this for you for complete peace of mind.

Testing is vital!

We will explain the test process, help you with your initial test and ensure that the connection to our emergency response centre is working perfectly.

Peace of mind.

Once you hear the emergency response centre operator, you will be able to relax knowing that you are protected 24/7. Peace of mind for you and your family.

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If you are unsure which of our personal alarm systems is best suited to you or a loved one.

Our expert team of regional demonstrators will be able to assess your needs and show you all of the latest equipment so that we can help you make an informed decision.

You can try on each different elderly alarm and see whether you feel more comfortable with a neck cord or wrist strap. The demonstrator will show you how to use all of the equipment and explain what options are available. If you have any questions about the service they will be able to give you the answer. Common questions include the range of the pendant and “how do I test if it is working?” (a quick press of the button, followed by informing the response centre that you are testing).

Once you have made your choice, our demonstrator can handle the complete installation process for you. They will assess the best location for the base unit, if one is required, and install it safely and securely. We also handle all of the paperwork at the installation so there are no complicated or confusing forms for you to fill out.

We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you and your family.