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  • UK’s leading provider of personal alarms
  • Serving 1000s of customers nationwide
  • Monthly personal alarm tests
  • Waterproof and robust design
  • Easy installation
  • 24/7 emergency response team
  • 2-way communication via your personal alarm
  • Discreet pendant or wrist strap

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Staying Connected in
Challenging Times

Is your loved one facing the physical challenges of getting older? Are they struggling with long-term illness or disability? Perhaps they live with a partner who is facing similar challenges. In either case, anxiety may now be a part of their daily life. Helpline personal alarms can relieve that anxiety by ensuring your loved one can get the help they need at the push of a button.

No need for them to remember any numbers or follow an endless list of steps. One push on their pendant alarm or wrist alarm and they’ll be directly connected to our regional emergency response system, day or night, 24/7.

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The difference a personal alarm can make

Personal alarms ensure your loved one can stay connected and protected in their own home, so they can live a more confident life. Whether they have an unexpected fall or suddenly become ill, a personal alarm offers an essential lifeline. It can mean the difference between a smooth recovery and lifelong disability, as Helpline’s founder and former nurse, Maureen Cable, knows all too well:

“I have seen first-hand the vital importance of getting rapid help after a fall, or onset of a serious health problem. In hospitals, we call it ‘The First Golden Hour.’ If you or your relatives have a problem and get assistance in that first hour, their chances of returning to normal increase significantly.”

For help at the press button, choose Helpline
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How does a Helpline personal alarm work?

  • Press the button

    When you need help, day or
    night, press your Helpline button attached to a special Helpline pendant or wrist strap.

  • Tell us what’s wrong

    You’ll be instantly connected to our 24/7 Emergency Fast Response Centre where one of our expertly trained emergency
    response team will talk with you.

  • Expect help

    We’ll get you the help you need, whether that’s contacting a keyholder such as a family member or friend, or the emergency services.

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The Helpline Difference

  • We care

    Our dedication to helping vulnerable members of the community stay safe in their homes is what got us started and what continues to inspire and drive us forward.

  • Proven track record

    Our service speaks for itself with countless testimonials on the life-changing difference we’ve made. You can rest assured that you will receive a second-to-none service.

  • We go the extra mile

    We are always here to help and provide monthly alarm tests for your peace of mind.

The Next Step

Our 5-star service means that the concerns of you and your loved ones are our number one priority.

We are proud of our reputation for outstanding customer service, response and care. It is our mission to take the time building long-lasting relationships and go the extra mile in order to provide the utmost level of care, comfort and reassurance for you and your family. We aim to ensure our life-saving service is as easy to use as possible to help support independence and wellness for the retired. You simply wear a small panic alarm button which you press to get help. No other action is required. No need to remember any numbers. Simple. We provide a local service 7 days a week, with members of our professional, caring and courteous regional customer support team, offering support, installation and ongoing maintenance for the personal alarms elderly people and their families rely on.

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