Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all our products and services. When placing an order for products and services you are agreeing to become legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. Please read this document carefully and before you place an order.

Information about Helpline and how to contact us

We are Helpline Limited, a company registered in England and Wales. Our company registration number is 05422168 and our registered office is at 1 Harley Street, London W1G 9QD. Our registered VAT number is 244 4080 27. You can contact us by telephoning our Customer Service Team on 03458 247 999 or by writing to us at our address.

What is contained in these Terms and Conditions? 

These Terms and Conditions are split into three parts, as follows:

Part 1 - General Terms: these terms apply to all our products and services.

Part 2 –Alarm Service Terms: these terms apply to our Pendant Alarm Service and GPS Tracker Service.

Part 3 – GPS Tracker Service Additional Terms: these terms apply only to our GPS Tracker Service.


Part 1 - General Terms

  1. Ordering products and services
    • A quotation provided by us is an offer by us to supply the specified products or services to you. Our quotation remains in force for 21 days from the date it is given.
    • We may decline your order in which case we will issue any refund payments within 14 days except as may be provided elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions.
    • When you accept a quotation provided by us a legally binding contract, governed by these Terms and Conditions, will come into effect.
    • Your Order Confirmation shall indicate the products and/or services you have chosen to purchase.
  2. Payment
    • The charges for your products and/or services are on the Order Confirmation and in the confirmatory documentation provided to you after you have purchased products and/or services.
    • We may change the charges for any of our products and services. If applicable, we will tell you that the price for your services is increased at least one month before the increase becomes effective/
    • Ownership of products not provided as part of a service shall be transferred to you at the time we receive full payment in cleared funds for the product(s).
  3. Cancellations
    • To cancel your contract for any of your products and services, you must inform us of your intention to do so within the Cancellation Period, which is set out below. Cancellations may, but must not necessarily, be communicated to us via our Cancellation Form.
    • The Cancellation Period starts when we accept your order. The Cancellation Period ends, either:
      1. where cancelling products - 14 days after the later of the date of delivery or installation.
      2. where cancelling services - 14 days after the day on which the contract is entered into.
    • We will refund all payments that we have already received from you, subject to clause 3.4 below and at the time specified in clause 3.5 below.
    • Where you have cancelled services, we may in our sole discretion deduct from any cancellation payment a fair proportion for the time you have received the service.
  4. Where you have cancelled products or services which include the temporary provision of products, your cancellation payment will be made once we have received the products back from you. We will provide a freepost bag to help you return the products. Termination
    • We may terminate your contract for services by giving you one months’ notice of the same. You may terminate your contract for services after a fixed-period of 12-months, or otherwise as communicated to you, by giving three months’ notice to us.
    • You will remain responsible for making payment for your services up until the expiry of any notice referred to in clause 4.1 above.
    • If you breach any material terms of these Terms and Conditions, we may terminate your contract for services immediately by notifying you of the same.
  5. Changes to these Terms and Conditions
    • We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time. If we do this, we will use our reasonable efforts to give you two months’ notice of any changes. Once you have received our notice of changes, you may end your contract with us by providing three months’ notice.
  6. Data protection
    • We will store your personal details in our database(s) and we shall comply with the Data Protection Legislation in force in England and Wales from time to time. Except where we have received an emergency alarm call, we will not disclose your personal details to any third party, except to those who work for us or those who provide us with services necessary for us to provide you with your services.


  1. Limitation of liability
    • We do not exclude or limit our liability to you for: death or personal injury caused by us, fraud or any other liabilities which cannot be excluded by law.
    • The total amount we are liable to you for in connection with any contract between us governed by these Terms and Conditions is the sum of two-years of payments made by you and properly due to us in connection with the contract concerned.
    • In no circumstances whatsoever shall we be liable to you for:
      1. losses that do not arise from a breach of these Terms and Conditions;
      2. business losses;
  • losses that have been suffered by a third party.



  1. Force Majeure

There may be times where, due to events outside of our reasonable control, we are unable to provide products and services to you or otherwise be unable to comply with these Terms and Conditions. In such an event, we will not be liable to you for reduced levels of service or temporary cessation of service. Events which may cause us to be unable to provide your service include but are not limited to: war, riot, acts of god, pandemic, epidemic, natural disaster, terro

  1. Other terms
    • We may transfer our rights and/or obligations under our contract without your consent. You may transfer your rights and/or obligations under our contract only if we provide our consent in writing.
    • If any court or tribunal decides that any part of these Terms and Conditions are unlawful that part shall be removed but the remaining contents of these Terms and Conditions will continue to be effective.
    • The law of England and Wales applies to any contract based on these Terms and Conditions.

Part 2 – Alarm Service Terms

  1. How we provide the Pendant Alarm Service and GPS Tracker Service (the Alarm Service):
    • We will provide the Alarm Service 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.
    • When we receive an emergency alarm call, we will make contact with your Key Holders or the emergency services.
    • You accept that we cannot be responsible for any action or inaction of your Key Holders or the emergency services.
  2. Key Holders 
    • In order for us to provide the Alarm Service you must provide us with contact details of two people who live in your local area who hold keys to your property (Key Holders), unless we have agreed otherwise with you.
    • If you do not have any Key Holders, we would recommend that you have installed a key safe to enable the emergency services to gain access to your property in the event of an emergency.
    • You must obtain consent of your Key Holders to the disclosure of their personal details to us, and to us contacting them in the event of an emergency. We cannot accept liability for the trustworthiness or action or inaction of your Key Holders.
  3. Equipment
    • If you have purchased the Alarm Service, you will require an alarm base unit to be installed at your property and a button (the Equipment). We will provide the Equipment, which will remain our property and in no event shall title in the Equipment pass to you unless we agree otherwise. You irrevocably agree to not to sell or otherwise dispose of the Equipment.
    • The Equipment may be new or previously used and refurbished to an equivalent level of safety and quality.
    • You will not be responsible for any reasonable wear and tear to the Equipment. You will be responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing the Equipment if it, or any part of it, is damaged, stolen, lost, corrupted or otherwise altered to lessen its appearance or function, whilst the Equipment is at your property or whilst we reasonably believe that the Equipment is at your property.
  4. Maintenance of the Equipment
    • We will use our best efforts to maintain the Equipment, which may include visits in person.
    • Maintenance will also be undertaken by remote monitoring.
    • We do not provide any maintenance which is made necessary by:
  • modifications or additions to the Equipment made by you or commissioned or accepted by you unless such modifications and additions have been made by us;
  • you moving or attempting to move or tampering with the Equipment; or
  • problems with electricity supply, telephone service, cabling, and other facilitatory equipment not provided by us.
    • Please make sure that you test the Equipment by making a test call to the Emergency Response Centre once per month.
    • You agree to use your best endeavours to report any faults, damage or other issues with the Equipment as soon as you become aware of the same by contacting our Customer Service Team telephone number.
  1. Additional products
    • Helpline provides additional products to better your use of the Alarm Service, including fall sensors, (an Additional Product). You are not required to purchase an Additional Product with your Alarm Service.
    • If you have decided to purchase an Additional Product at the same time as ordering your Alarm Service, you agree to pay the prices shown on the Order Form on the date the contract for the Alarm Service becomes effective.
    • Please note that other than our obligations as set out above, we do not provide any maintenance services in respect of the Additional Products.
    • We will install your Additional Product in your property provided that you allow us sufficient time and access to your property subject always to the Additional Product being ordered at the time you order the Alarm Service.

Part 3 – GPS Tracker Service Additional Terms

  1. Permitted use and requirements
    • The GPS Tracker will require a mobile telephone network signal to access the Emergency Response centre. We cannot promise or guarantee that a mobile telephone network will be adequate to use the GPS Tracker and you accept that we cannot accept any responsibility for this.  
    • To receive monitoring for the GPS Tracker, you will require a GPS locating device, a roaming sim and a charger (the “GPS Tracker Equipment”).
    • We will provide the GPS Tracker Equipment in connection with the GPS Tracker Service to you but you acknowledge and agree that the GPS Tracker Equipment will remain our property at all times, unless sold separately. You therefore agree that, unless you have purchased the GPS Tracker Equipment separately, you will not: sell or dispose of the GPS Tracker Equipment nor re move the SIM from the GPS Tracker Equipment.
    • We do not accept any liability or responsibility if we are unable to provide accurate location information.
    • If the GPS Tracker Equipment or any part of it whatsoever is used improperly and not for the purposes of a GPS Alarm Service you will be liable for any and all charges which might accrue.